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What a pleasure it is to have an expert like Gary Winchester as a friend! Not only is he passionate about his business, he is a family man of integrity who has taught me quite a bit about social media and life. Few people can build up and mentor others so effectively, while also being welcoming and encouraging. Whether online or in person, Gary is one of the most eager, loyal, approachable, and up to date colleagues I know of when it comes to helping others.

Mike Lee

Radio Show Host, Salem Media Group Portland

Gary has extensive knowledge of social media and consistently keeps on the cutting edge of the industry. He’s also a very hard worker and is willing to put in a high level of effort to get the job done.

Derek Matthews

CFO, Miller Paneling Specialties

Gary is a quality guy who takes pride in doing his job well. A true pleasure to work with.

Jon Timberlake

Gary is extremely professional, personable, and positive. One of the attributes that I admire in Gary is his ability to relate with his employees as well as his clients. He is always willing to listen and goes above and beyond to get the job done and keep clients satisfied. He is genuine and cares for others.

Christina Winchester

Analyst, California Housing Finance Agency

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EPIC BIble College


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