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Gary Winchester is a marketing and advertising consultant working hard to help companies and organizations connect to consumers in a more efficient way. Gary partners with companies and organizations to increase sales online using his proven process. Learn more about Gary and his process.

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Identifying Your Target Audience

The internet gives all businesses, small and large, a level playing field for marketing, building awareness, increasing sales and building a relationship with customers. These are all growth opportunities. Wondering where to get started? Download your FREE copy of Identifying Your Target Audience to help you get started.


SMART Goals Lead to a SMART Strategy

I learned something really cool from Amy Schmittaur from SavvySexySocial.com this past year called SMART Goals. This has transformed my business by allowing me to set SMART Goals that have lead to a SMART strategy for myself and my clients. Forcing me to focus on the right things to present to the right clients.

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The Value of ONE.

You never know the true value of one until you meet the one. When you go into a relationship with no expectations then your one will always be more valuable to you than expected.

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Mike Lee

What Mike Lee says about me

Radio Show Host, Salem Media Group Portland “What a pleasure it is to have an expert like Gary Winchester as a friend! Not only is he passionate about his business, he is a family man of integrity who has taught me quite a bit about social media and life. Few people can build up and mentor others so effectively, while also being welcoming and encouraging. Whether online or in person, Gary is one of the most eager, loyal, approachable, and up to date colleagues I know of when it comes to helping others.”

Derek Matthews

What Derek Matthews says about me

CFO, Miller Paneling Specialties “Gary has extensive knowledge of social media and consistently keeps on the cutting edge of the industry. He’s also a very hard worker and is willing to put in a high level of effort to get the job done.”

Jon Timberlake

What Jon Timberlake has to say about me

Business Development Manager at Securitas Security Services USA, Inc. “Gary is a quality guy who takes pride in doing his job well. A true pleasure to work with.”

Christina Winchester

What Christina Winchester has to say about me

Analyst, California Housing Finance Agency “Gary is extremely professional, personable, and positive. One of the attributes that I admire in Gary is his ability to relate with his employees as well as his clients. He is always willing to listen and goes above and beyond to get the job done and keep clients satisfied. He is genuine and cares for others.”