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Gary Winchester HootSuite Partner

Unoffendable by Brant Hansen Chapter Two

There are so many great things written in this chapter! I can hear Brant Hansen talking about them all on the radio or on the Brant & Sherri Podcast. There are so many great quotes in this chapter, but my favorite is, “(Inspiring quote for you to highlight... read more

Unoffendable by Brant Hansen Chapter One

This is my first time writing about a book I am currently reading, so here I go. Let me begin by saying, I love books that challenge me to reflect, to contemplate, think differently and that spur creative ideas. Unoffendable is a book that challenges me to think... read more

My Marketing Breakdown

Marketing is not as easy as most business want it to be. I should know since I’ve been working with local business owners for the last 6 plus years.

read more

Hello world!

I am back at it…once again. Relaunched website, new blog content, portfolio and services. I wanted a space where I can share tips, insights and help businesses grow. I also wanted a space where you can share your thoughts, tips, questions and insights. Share... read more

My Focus

Target Audience


Join me as I share my perspective on marketing, discussing topics such as: strategy, analytics, social media, websites, content, customer relationship and more. Subscribe to my marketing newsletter below.

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Advertising should be a part of your marketing strategy to propel your results and be used honestly to persuade your target audience to purchase your quality product. Subscribe to my advertising newsletter below.

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Every company desires to increase sales in order to increase profits. Often the first step is marketing but the sales process doesn’t begin until you meet your new customer. Subscribe to my sales newsletter below.

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Technology integration is key to maximizing your companies marketing, advertising and sales processes. Join me as I discuss how technology can benefit your business or organization. Subscribe to my Technology newsletter below.

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Just a few things I’ve done…

California Family Fitness

California Family Fitness

Inbound Marketing Campaign

Facebook Ads Management

The WindFarm Marketing Team worked with California Family Fitness to create premium content in the form of an ebook for moms… Read more.

KLOVE Radio at


Social Media Marketing

Social Media Producer

My goal as the KLOVE Radio Social Media Producer was to increase traffic to, increase listenership and increase online donations…. Read more.

SG Studios, Inc.

SG Studios, Inc

Content Marketing

Website & Social Content Creation

SG Studios, Inc. CEO Shane Grammer and I worked together on creating optimized content for I shared social media, website and… Read more.


What a pleasure it is to have an expert like Gary Winchester as a friend! Not only is he passionate about his business, he is a family man of integrity who has taught me quite a bit about social media and life. Few people can build up and mentor others so effectively, while also being welcoming and encouraging. Whether online or in person, Gary is one of the most eager, loyal, approachable, and up to date colleagues I know of when it comes to helping others.

Mike Lee

Radio Show Host, Salem Media Group Portland

Gary has extensive knowledge of social media and consistently keeps on the cutting edge of the industry. He’s also a very hard worker and is willing to put in a high level of effort to get the job done.

Derek Matthews

CFO, Miller Paneling Specialties

Gary is a quality guy who takes pride in doing his job well. A true pleasure to work with.

Jon Timberlake

Gary is extremely professional, personable, and positive. One of the attributes that I admire in Gary is his ability to relate with his employees as well as his clients. He is always willing to listen and goes above and beyond to get the job done and keep clients satisfied. He is genuine and cares for others.

Christina Winchester

Analyst, California Housing Finance Agency

Education & Courses

Walter L. Sickles High School

Walter L. Sickles

Sickles High School

Established in 1997
Colors: Green, Gray, and Black
Mascot: Gryphon

Epic Bible College

EPIC BIble College

The Philosophy of Education at EPIC Bible College is based upon the premise that God is the source of all truth; that the Holy Spirit is the Leader and Guide into all truth; that man, as created in the image of God, may gain knowledge and understanding of spiritual and physical realities through pursuit of truth. Further, God has revealed Himself in general revelation through the physical, created world and in special revelation through the person of Jesus Christ and the Word of God, the Bible.

Hootsuite Certified Pro


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at your job and stand out from the pack. Social media certification provides you with industry-recognized credentials. Hootsuite University gives you those credentials, so you stand out from other social media professionals.

Jon Loomer Power Hitters Club

Jon Loomer

Power Hitters Club is an exclusive membership for advanced Facebook marketers. It includes access to the following:
Weekly webinars on advanced Facebook marketing topics
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