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Facebook is finally starting to show why they bought WhatsApp with this update to Messenger.
Notice you can now group messages, forward messages, text and call from the Messenger App. Not all this came in the most recent update but it’s all a sign of forward progress and Facebook showing consumers why the purchase of WhatsApp.

Facebook recently updated their iPhone App giving users the ability to reply - something that was available online only. The group admin ability is a welcomed plus, if you’re an admin.
They added trending topics to the iPad now.
If you’re an avid Facebook user share your thoughts about the app with me.



Getting to know you (#G2KU) is a new blog series that will give us a chance to learn more about each other.

Growing up I celebrated Easter by attending church, gathering with family to eat and eat some more. It was a celebration centered around family and food - the egg hunt came later. I was always told the true meaning of Easter, but it never felt like it.

Don’t get me wrong, I love celebrating Easter with family, food and egg hunts, but because of all this we can tend to miss the true meaning of Easter. It is not the celebration of the crucifixion - it’s a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus. For me now, it is still a focus on family, food and egg hunts, but I will always remember the sacrifice Jesus made.

It is through the death of Jesus that the resurrection was possible, making the way for forgiveness. We were forgiven by the sacrifice of the life of Jesus, but given a new life with His resurrection - now that is worth celebrating.

Now you know how and why I celebrate Easter. Share with me how you celebrate Easter. Make sure you use the hashtag for getting to know you, #G2KU.

Sprout Baby+

I began this new blog series to share the “Apps I Use” with you because I believe mobile is the future of marketing and I may have discovered an app you could use to accomplish something in your life or business.

Two months ago a new addition was born into our family, making us a family of four. With baby comes great responsibility - diaper changes, feedings, rocking, sleeping and the cycle repeats. When our son was growing up the doctor would ask specific questions, like “how many diaper changes has he had in the last 24 hours? How many times has he pooped or peed?” It was hard keeping track of all this because we would forget to write it down, plus we were exhausted - some of you know what I’m talking about.

Realizing we would need to keep track of our new baby’s diapers, feedings and everything else my wife took to the internet and App Store for help. She discovered Sprout Baby+, it deserves the plus! This app is crazy awesome! I feel like it’s a Swiss Army Knife for baby stuff.

This app will track sleep, feedings, pumping, diapers, activities, milestones, medicine, doctor visits, growth, shots and will show you patterns. There is not much you can’t do with this app - when it comes to baby. I think the funniest part is that when the doctor asks the same questions my wife and I both say, “hold on let me look at my app.”

I highly recommend this app for parents of a newborn.

Thanks for reading! If there are any apps you would recommend please let me know so I can partake.

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